Who We Are On The Inside.

There’s no denying who we really are. Once  I   got a hold on  who  I was in Christ, the possibilities of what I could DO, became  so very believable.  I began to  take more risks, and really pursue my calling, but all of it  was  done by faith and trust in the “God-message” in me.

People are often amazed by how much peace I seem to have. I just laugh inside, because byou know, it’s so funny, only we know how we really were, right?

I am not perfect. I still struggle. But after having lived 49 years and seeing God change me from the inside out… I now know it’s not about me. Yes, I have peace , now… But it sure took a very long time to get here. After I  got through the muck and the mess of my past regrets,  insecurities and shame, I was able to stand again on my own two feet.   Of course,  some of the way, God carried me to be honest. But although  I  made it to the other side, and  the journey’s not over. 

I am learning, there is always a better place to be in God, and as we grow, it does get easier, we we learn to be in agreement with His plan for our lives.  Sometimes we have to let go of trying to understand it all. Or trying to figure it all out.

There was a man in the Bible who was courageous and didn’t  really know he was innately courageous. His name was Gideon. Now Gideon has a long story in the Bible, but he  also had a lot of fortitude. He had to listen for God’s ” specific instructions”and as he did, he was blessed immensely, and his call and his assignment was  magnified immensely, by God ridding him and others around him, of the  fear in his camp.

As I was studying this last week, I found out Gideon’s’ name  means “hewer” – he was a woodcutter –  and  a hewer is one that holds or sticks fast to what he believes, in terms of his or her purpose .  The men Gideon were to pick  to be in  his tribe were also men that  were of  similar stature, and they too, stood fast to what they believed and walked in it, with  great commitment. I am learning, even as I write, “really” who God intends to be a part of  my tribe.

How wonderful for God to give Gideon men of similar stature as himself,  when he  was ready to fight great  battles.  When God first called Gideon, he didnt want to fight, and he was afraid.  Even before God built his army, he called Gideon a “mighty man of valor.”  Because he knew what was on the inside of Gideon.

We too, are wonderful, and we have great stature inside,. When God calls us – he calls us from the inside

On the inside… is who we really are. Whom he made us to be…once we RISE UP “choose” healing and walk in faith, and  truly conquer our fears – we  can prevail. We prevail over our insecurities, our  vulnerabilities, our hurts and our  weaknesses.  All God  ever sees in us –  is our strength and that’s often where he is trying to get us back  to being: Strong. Once God gives us  greater strength , he gives us greater   ability, greater capacity, greater armies to defeat,  greater tribes and a  greater revelation of knowing  who we really are, in Him.

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