Give Me Grace: Still… Pursuing Me.

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I keep changing my blog title.

It involves several different versions of releasing… and becoming…. I have found. It started with :  “Life  of JennRene…” – I mean, who cares about that, right.. maybe a few I guess…  (Ha!) Then I politely changed it to: “Getting Back To Happy: Acquiescing to A Grace-Filled Life.” Then it changed again to “The Blessedness of Being…”  And yet now: “Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness of Being.”

I think perhaps it’s because I simply keep going places where I didn’t expect to be. I turn a corner and it seems like the hardest corner to get around… and then I turn another corner and I wind up looking back and seeing so much GROWTH. For instance, recently I just shifted from a full time job to part time. And then a little more…  I have a few groups I am doing during the week, but I am choosing to do those groups!

I am so happy about this, place in my life with my career, because :1) I have ‘earned it. And… 2) I have choice.  I have had this notion from long ago, that I was going to “get back what was taken from me.” And choice – was taken from my ancestors via slavery ages ago.  I have always contemplated upon that CHANGE and THAT CHOICE – and I have  wondered ” who”  and “where” I would be today had I not been taken from my original place of being: Africa.

It’s just something about that place that felt so natural to me I mean… I LOVED that. I loved that  a place where I’d never , ever been before could arrest my soul like that. And receive me so well! Amazing how God does that…bring us back to a place where He shows us who we ‘originally’ were…to bring us to a more confident sense of self.Maybe you haven’t returned to your roots, or even gotten there yet… but know that God is able.

So yeah.. many things going through my mind and thinking I have come to a place I have sought long and hard for… a place of having a better choice.  And being able to OWN CHOICE again, in my life.  But only by God’s  amazing grace.  Yes, Lord.

By the way… I’m joining the Give Me Grace Community over at Lisa Epperson’s blog!

3 responses to “Give Me Grace: Still… Pursuing Me.”

  1. Michele Morin Avatar

    I find myself bumping into that same conclusion, JennRene – it’s all grace, and I’m such a needy recipient of it. And yet, God honors my efforts and lets me see glimpses of change when I’m obedient. I love how this dance appears in your words today! Glad to have found your blogging home!

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    1. Jennrene Avatar

      Michele it’s totally a dance! I live the joy of dancing, the of that’s the case! I have been on a two year dance! Though I’m tired , it was SO worth it! Love your choice of words and thanks for following me here. Jenn

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    2. Jennrene/ Pursuing Life. Avatar

      You’re welcome Michel I’ don’t get to blog as often as I’d like, but I’m glad it blessed your life. (Pray for me.🤷🏾‍♀️)

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