Give Me Grace: Saying Goodbye.

I’m just noticing how I feel about saying goodbye… Good relationships are sometimes good even before you really know they are.

This week I had to end two relationships therapeutically with kids I see as a counselor.  I  had a special tug at my heart, with all three of them. It’s funny how  we bond.

One of them, I loved her sense of humor and the small ways she made me laugh.

Another, he was just learning how to be merciful and kind towards others and I’d gotten through. (Yay! He made strides!)

And yet another, he was laughing and having so much fun with me in therapy, it was hard to even tell him  I was leaving. (His reaction surprised me!)

I am not sure what bonds us to another human being, but man..I really love meeting and knowing people the way I do.

God did something real special when he gave me friends, family and clients.

Above, is my sister..one of the greatest relationships I have … She’s pretty darn special in my book! Life without her would be so different and possibly even more difficult!

I haven’t seen my sister since April. A few years ago she came to live in my city. I hadn’t lived with her in the same city for about twenty years! Seeing her leave…. was grief of another kind. It was hard for several months.  Yet she came to fulfill a very hard time and space in my life. So glad she was here when she was. God’s timing was perfect.

I never thought about Gods timing in our relationships;  until she decided to be present in this way.What an entirely complete blessing from the Lord!

Love her.❤

So today I ask for grace, God.. grace to be benevolent in all my ways, and appreciate even the small things and the small ways that I bond with the people I work with and whom You intentionally send across my paths. Help me to trust Your perfect plan.

Thank you for  relationships.

Thanks for how they make us smile, feel special, help us feel appreciated and give us warmth, inside.

Thanks for those who love us, even when we feel unlovable.


Here’s the appreciation I’ve learned in saying goodbye: it’s just as special as saying hello. (Smile.)

By the way… I’m joining the Give Me Grace Community over at Lisa Epperson’s blog! Join us!

2 responses to “Give Me Grace: Saying Goodbye.”

  1. lisha epperson Avatar

    Love the part about goodbyes being just as special as hellos. I have a friend who relocated to Germany over 20 years ago. He is the brother of my soul. His leaving was hard but it opened up another level of our friendship that I’m not sure would have existed had he not left. I’ve missed you around here. Glad to have you back.

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    1. Jennrene Avatar

      Indeed. I know some of our most precious relationships can be overseas.. I know I have a few! Thanks Lisha, I will be back , … a bit… got so many projects here and there.. but God is being glorified in all of them! Thanks for commenting!


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