The Older I Get, The Younger I Become.

The older I get…. The younger I feel. I truly am thankful for care of a thriving spirit! 

How do you know when you’re thriving!?

I mean, is there some magical element that helps you notice that you are or it is learned and valued with time and experience??

I say the latter. Time and experience has taught me how to thrive and place myself first. People who are very wise and mature in this space in life, have as well. I’ve also learned how to value life lessons and how they teach me perspective faith and facing and remaining in truths in my life. I tend to approach life as a series of  lessons that bloom with perspective and self – reflection over time.

Well .. I want to share with you : I found a wonderful series on thriving with Karen at and I’d like you to take look and see if you notice yourself therein.

For me, thriving is when you notice that you are moving forward even when you don’t plan to. You grow with a valid experience and a sense of maturity helps you to glean from the experience you’ve endured. It’s when  you have a vigorous way of having  forward moment  in your life and you’re not even realizing your gaining momentum; but looking back, you’ve realized you’ve seized the moment!

Choose to thrive today!

Here are a few things that help me thrive:

  1. Friends  with similar goals and vision.
  2. A partner in my corner that encourages me.
  3. Daily meditation on my personal growth, goals or spiritual power.
  4. My family and their insights and communication with them. Family add purpose to our lives when we can relish those relationships. 
  5. Readings or listening to podcasts to endurance my passions.
  6. Writing my vision down and visiting it weekly to determine where I want to go with it.
  7. Sharing my hope and my reason for living strong.
  8. Helping and giving back to others.
  9. Loving on myself.
  10. Listening to myself.
  11. My relationship with God.

Want to learn more about thriving?  Join my page at the following link, here .

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    1. faceofhopeandbeauty Avatar

      Thank you so very much Jennifer for sharing your heart and such wisdom!! God bless You!!


      1. Jennrene Avatar

        you’re welcome Charmaine! I love growing up in God! 😉

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