So … What Makes YOU Happy?

So .. What Makes YOU Happy?


What makes you happy?

Do you know? Do you take time to  figure out just what that may be?

Well.. to be honest until  was able to go to South Africa for a few weeks and  consider that, and  I really didn’t know, either.

Now this  question may take some self-exploration.

 You know how I found out how to be happy?

1.Choose not to walk in happiness and  discontent.

I began to walk  past my guilt and do the things that I told myself I didn’t deserve over, and over and over again.  I had to turn away negative thoughts with great abandonment.  Understanding that taking responsibility for my own happiness  really cured my loneliness and my self-hatred, made me realize that  I had the capacity to welcome happiness into my life, and I didn’t have to wait on anyone else to do that FOR ME.

 Today, I seek out my own happiness  in some form, every day. Quiet time tends to make me happy. And so I have bouts of quiet time every single day i I can. I try not to be a hermit with it. but it helps me to hear myself think.

  There are some things you have  to CHOOSE to be intentional about FINDING.

2.Decide that happiness will be spontaneous and sometimes without thought, but also choose to plan for it in small increments. 

So one of the things that makes me happy is eating ice cream,  yet   realized that comes with a HUGE consequence  unwanted weight and since milk doesn’t always agree wit the body, it’s just good to have options.  Then  decided that  would begin to invest in things that made me feel better.    One of the things I found that made me feel good was  smoothies and they also made my body feel really energetic! So I began to  decide to  eat as as many smoothies as I could,  a few times  a week.  That’s only the physical part o our lifestyle, though.  When I don’t have my tea sometimes before  bed,  I actually feel  my irritability rising again, and I become restless.   I realized this  not long ago when I realized I had gotten away from the habit.

I noticed after a while my skin began to change,  my  health improved and I just  had more energy overall. I realized that for longevity sake, I really need to make sure I stay in tune with what Mother Nature finds  work with my body’s rhythm and  energy level.

3.Choose to spend time with people who are fun to be around and make you happy.

Happy peeps are just the! I love being around folk that make me smile. And chuckle.. And even smile  for days after, with positive memories and leave  really  leave me with impressive thoughts.  Recently I out o a conference with two happy women  and we simply  dwelt in my presence and I in hers, and we  had a really good  time. And i can just call these folk up and they really want to be with me and that’s like so cool. To feel accepted.

I think we all have an innate need to be accepted and that’s what i am going to talk about in an upcoming Kamau Care  meditative series session!


  1.  I got this one from a  blogger:” When something goes wrong try to figure out a solution instead of wallowing in self pity.”( 

Now this is something I used to do  with regularity. I used to pout and feel sorry for myself all the time.  Then I realized that was manipulation. And that no one trusts people who tend to be manipulative. I honestly had to pray this type of behavior out of my life. After a while I would catch myself then try to turn it around by being giving towards someone , and forgetting about myself for a while.   I found when I did that, God would just come in and remind me He hadn’t forgotten about me, not at all.jen's fav of heavens


  1. Decide everyday to commit some thinking  to the things that make you smile.

Some of the smallest things give me joy today.  And they don’t all cost money… Here are a simple few:


  • Spending time with my husband.
  • Spending time reading or gaining knowledge.
  • I spend time  taking pics outside.
  • I choose to spend time thinking positive thoughts and encouraging myself.
  •   Decide daily to  talk to God, My Creator just “gets me”. He knows everything I need when  need it, and gives awesome direction and my life and days seem sweeter when I  take the time to form better relationship, with Him..



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