endureSo my word for the year 2015, was ENDURE. What an experience. (Let me tell you, if you ever intentionally  intend to pick a word to focus on for the rest of the year,  don’t choose a hard one.)

I am finding out that endure means to be triumphant. So awesome. Why ? Because there is a place inside of me that requires less effort, as I endure. That says you will be triumphant, because of “Who God is in you.”

Loving the feel of this word once I get my shoes in it. I think I’m gonna wear them a while. They make me stand a little taller.

I have SO much to be grateful for. And so much more to be triumphant for in 2015 – it’s time I believe  – to be one who endures in that triumphant space in my life,  continually . And to be prosperous in God’s strength.

To endure.

If I were to be honest with myself, there were times where I didn’t give my life it’s all. Not in my choices, but my mental endurance. My belief in myself. Places I haven’t endured. Because I didn’t think I had it in me.

But I may have been trusting a bit too much in myself.

Lesson Learned:   Make sure you  place God first in all things. Never try to do things just because it’s something someone else would enjoy Always go to God first and ask Him HIS plan, because it saves you  from heartache, and the tendency to try to please man first.

So… it’s time to surrender more in this life, to His life. The God kind of Life. Him as Yahweh. Yahweh who makes all things right, because He is Lord over Everything.  Yahweh means “I AM”.

God illumines my darkness. God is ever-present. God loves me and is always near. This is Yahweh.

Moses had a revelation of himself, when he looked into the reflection of God’s mirror. His stature increased His size and His authority. When He faced His God His significance  changed. As does with us all.  We change: our nature, our authority, our countenance, our spiritual nature – once we have a face-to face encounter with the Lord.

I love that God  goes deep inside of me where the recesses of  ‘Jennifer’ is broken… not all together, a little shattered and imperfect; and  I love the fact He makes me right. My crooked places straight. Amen.

Ps 18:30 “As for my God, his way is undefiled: the words of the Lord are fire tried: He is the protector of all that trust in him. “ (DRB)


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  1. Jay Colby Avatar

    Great post & you have an amazing site!

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    1. Jennrene owens Avatar

      Thanks Jay! I don’t get on often but that’s abt to chg!


    2. Mentor💜MySister Avatar

      Thanks Jay!

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