I have been in this place lately. I have so much to do and my thoughts have been focused here. On finishing.

I have had a bad habit in the past of not finishing what I start. I have lots of regret around it too, because they are awesome ideas, creative and life-giving.

And so… The ideas have been growing and growing… and they keep just “sitting there staring at me ” from my awesomely full idea bank. Well recently, I decided to stop being so painstakingly perfectionistic, and to  just  get it done. I decided that relasing some of it, is better than none of it, because in the end it all matters, it all assists people in getting to the other side, and it’s not really all that hard to do.
And it’s all to help people become better and kinder to themselves. I decided to trust myself to deliver the message of “goodness and wellness “; and to make room for my craft of writing because it’s purposed to help people get to the next level.

And that’s what I intend to do. Make room and finish. So I’ve been creating “margin” in my life for what I love to do: WRITE. I get up some days at 430, & write. Some days it’s six p.m. & other days it’s  whenever I can. And as I do, I become better at it.

I even have a personal editor added to my repertoire! (Didn’t ask for it, it just became available unto me as a gift for deciding to be intentional.) Because I took the time to say:”Yes, Jennifer, you can, and you will.” And so here I am.. Producing Life. And pouring out truths from within. Because if I do not, then I cancel out my calling. And my calling gives life and helps me to thrive.

Next week I will  be in a conference  the second conference I’ve ever had- and it’s rejuvenating to my spirit as I am anxious to see what will become of it! Here are a few pics from my conference in 2004, and it changed me – as I determined within I really am capable of pulling off great things.

  Syracuse, N. Y.- Women Who Are Able… To Produce… Conference 
I noticed in my pictures this sense of  being “riveted”. Of course it’s not anything I create, but what God creates in  & through me. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Yet I’m grateful for the gift.

And no longer will I neglect what has been God -given.


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