Truly Grounded. Gem # 4

    Soul Gems: Staying Grounded.

The first soul gem that helps us with regard to the mind will and emotions is being able to stay grounded in our relationship.

Noticing when you have need of “healthy companionship”, and then learning how to pursue positive relationships – is something that can change your life orientation.

Healthy Relationships can occur on several levels. Having a healthy relationship with yourself, God & others is pivotal for good soul care. The health of your relationships can inspire you to be motivated on several levels and pursue goals that you never imagined you’d achieve .

Secondly, to notice that one needs a healthy foundation, one must first have a healthy relationship with oneself. You have to learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin, and even with your own imperfections. Realize those imperfections don’t make you any less than who you really are, and who you really are, dwells in your heart.

Keep that heart loved, full of love to give and love to share and it shall come around again.

And lastly, You shall NOT tolerate condemning mindset , a guilty mindset, or a fearful mindset or a mind that involves past regret. Keep your mind clean. If there’s too much negativity, sweep it by doing daily affirmations, prayer and cleanse with good thoughts. And you shall win!

A Healthy Soul – (is what keeps my mind , my will, my emotions in check).

Stay tuned for Soul Gems, my ebooks in the making…

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