The Skill Of Being Confident.

image Still contemplating on conquering in 2016:

So…Let’s continue on that thought :  continuing on the word : “Counterbalance”- which means: “having an intellectual or emotional attitude.”  An intellectual attitude I believe, requires confidence .

Paul is so determined when he says this in Gods Word:

“Being confident of this very thing, (in Himself)   that He which hath begun a GOOD (the feeling of being awakened by what is good, pleasant agreeable joyful and happy) work (in me) will perform  it until the day of Jesus Christ.’ Phil 1:6

To be confident means to have persuasive power.

Being confident in the Hebrew (means to obey, to believe, to listen , to yield and to comply with.)

It means to be active towards the thing you believe you can achieve. I know I am not alone when I make decisions or I seek Gods support in a matter and his omniscient all-knowing presence is always available unto me.

That word alone scares me. I used to have such inactivity, due to fear. And now I see how my faith was robbed and also my confidence because I didn’t act on what I BELIEVED.

How do you trust God when your paradigm is challenged to shift in another direction?

How do you believe without any evidence ? Well the Bible says we “walk by faith and not by sight. ” and in our natural mind we often miss a beat when we think of walking blindly. We will fall, won’t we? Well may be in the natural , but in the spiritual mindset we please God , by actually walking “as if ” we believe .

I have found in my over 25 year journey of walking with God consistently  that God honors my faith when I take the time to walk boldly “as if” I will succeed and He has my back, as long as I walk in wisdom. I’m currently doing a study with Propel Women and Christine Caine & friends in a small group bible study, and recent I heard one of the women indicate the way we can tell if someone is confident and secure  in the Lord is : “they will walk with joy and authenticity .”she said to find a “seasoned saint “, who is in her 60’s and stay under her wings and glean from her wisdom .

I thought that was good advice. And so I’ve been praying lately for God to bring across my path people who have authentic you and joy, or even seek greater joy so I can join the journey, with them.

Confidence in God comes from a heart ready and willing to seek out Gods completely available and dependable trust in any matter that pertains to life .


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