Vision Casting.

It began with an invitation. I could have said no, and in fact , I did.

But then I thought to myself : “What are you doing!”
You see, FEAR took a back seat, yesterday. It had taken six months of my year last year, as well. I cam home and wrote an outline for s program I have been wanting to write for several months.
My friend calls and invites me, I think about all the change and NEW experiences required and I think: (Wow.. I dunno.) It’s a leap.
I thought of the leader of this vision, her humility, her joy and her wisdom again , and I just couldn’t rationalize it away. I though about it, jumped mommy car and then showed up for everyone else .. My tribe . They people I dream pinwheeling every day of my life . But even more so.. Those who are in my future and need new encouragment.

In that moment it didn’t matter we didn’t have a full plan. What mattered was that I was energized living lifen on purpose and  I was passion-filled. That’s all that mattered.
The conversation lasted that night til we were well into 4 hours and  I left, pumped. I even came home and wrote a vision I had  embedded  in the depths of my soul for years,  and  brought to the surface of my heart in only  a few hours.

Life Lesson:

I learned something about myself last night: “I’m so brave!”

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