100 Meaningful Moments

I  found myself hash-tagging beautiful moments of gratefulness  the other day on Instagram and a bit on Facebook; and decided to share a few here, as well. Follow me at @iamjennrene on Instagram, and http://www.facebook.com/redseacourage

Meaningful Moment  #1 Dusk.

So dusk is a wonderful moment as a day ends that’s often more noticeable in the winter. It’s also most beautiful in the winter. You can see the beauty, because it’s so there, so present. So meaningful because you would miss it if you blink. I enjoy dusk mostly because I anticipate what’s  next: my special time with hubby as we wind down in the evening, we eat, we rest together watch a movie, and talk about the highlights of our  day. #100meaningfulmoments

Meaningful Moment #2 Dawn:

Dawn is like Dusk, but not really. They are the same because the light bounces of the buildings in hues and everything is sacred for a few good moments; but after dawn settles, life gets busy. After dusk settles they stay rather quiet and serene. I guess it just depends where you are; and then it as  you retires, it subsides . Dawn rises and rejuvenates, and dusk allows you to quietly settle in for the night. I have to admit, I enjoy nob thong them in the winter, because they are more noticeable . There’s no trees or dogs or  not even many cars in the way, at all.

Meaningful Moment #3 Gardens. Okay… gardens are meaningful. Perhaps because they smell fresh they are breathtaking, meditative, strengthening, and a  secure and solace-filled space in which one can think deeply…  Gardens are my own special sanctuary . Oh! & try walking on barefoot! (Whew !) It will redefine how you choose life. #100meaningfulmoments #peacefilledlife #peacebestill #wealthconnection

Meaningful Moment #3 Routine: Routines are meaningful. They provide structure. And structure actually helps us to feel more confident and  motivated to continue . Choose to spend time with God before work. It’s the best way to begin a day filled with to do’s . Putting the Lord first helps all else fall into perspective. It also adds perspective and balance to your day. #morningatmyhouse #morningtea

Meaningful Moment #4 Color:  Color to me is beautiful, because without it,  we would have a very drab world, and we would not have color to  peak our interests, catch our eye, or make us smile. If we didn’t find solace in it -color would not elevate our moods  through music, our conversations through words, and at last – our love for good things;  if there would be no color in the world, there would  be no passion , no excitement.  Color is a meaningful moment because color acts like a magnet. It attracts. That moment when you stand still and realize that life is good. With COLOR life is more intriguing .( And you really don’t have enough of it unless you get a head turn!) Color makes the world go round! Get something beautiful and bright and celebrate its outstanding ability to stand apart from the rest!

Meaningful Moment #5  The Warmth of the Sun. I enjoy the sun. Not too common for most folk, but for me , it’s like I may as well have been born outside. Sun rejuvenates me , help offer me delight, warmth, smiles and even a lil joy . Want to change and relax your your face muscles? Sit in the sun , turn your face towards it, and smile.

Meaningful Moment # 6 Perspective. Perspective can make you realize you aren’t where you are supposed to be and get you moving in the right direction. We all need time to THINK. Let Go, Let God and just  BE.

Meaningful Moment #7 Altars. Having and creating an altar in your life. Whether inside and or outside… Is meaningful. It’s a space to reflect, grow to ponder and inquire. Altars can be for praying , and making a social covenant with our Creator , but also remembering .

Meaningful Moment #8 Flowers. We all need flowers in our lives. Flowers are meaningful . Luckily, I live in a state where I see them all the way through to December! But don’t let January and February be dull. Either…. Honey! Go out & buy some flowers!

Meaningful Moment #9 #Surrealism . The feeling you get when you’re in the perfect place. Surreal feelings come from making moments beautiful . New things develop there. new ideas new meaning new inspiration follows and blows your mind !
Meaningful Moment # 10 Woods walk: The woods empower me. It makes me think deeply, pray in then spirit, go a little deeper with my courage , sing a sweeter song , aim a little higher, feel extremely #closetoGod , and inspires me to be still and listen.

Meaningful Moment# 11: Look For the Signs. So… I almost picked up his heart and kept it, but I thought it would be a selfish act, imagine how many more may need to see that as a sign of Gods love for them and nature! #100meaningfulmoments

Meaningful Moment #12 Feel the Rays: I call it “Sun-rain.” It’s when the rays of the sun just cover your face like a veil. Does it have meaning ? Sure does.
But I’ll leave it to your own interpretation.

Meaningful Moment – Endurance .  #13 — Perhaps that’s what is so special about life in general. How we interpret it . We suffer wrong… And yes, people do us bad, we make choices every day to decide on both the big and the small. But how do we interpret what we endure? Endure was my word for the year . (For 2015) I think this word: “Endurance” was a “Teacher” for Me. It taught me how to take care of myself despite the hard things, despite challenges, despite the on differences that occur and how to still come out having the right attitude. So the next time life shoots you a surprise you didn’t expect, Remember that God doesn’t wish bad on you, & He definitely doesn’t want you to be harmed. Then, Say Hallelujiah anyhow, and acquiesce. And remember I Thess.5:18,19 In everything give thanks , for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.
#endure2015 #endure #peacebestill #hope

Meaningful Moment – # 14. Life Lesson. It’s amazing how much strength you gain from just breathing on fresh air, dealing with challenging and rugged #terrain, finding yourself and freeing yourself in the quietness and stillness of life . Oklahoma has taught me that. I am grateful for my journey here. I have found rest here. There is nothing like finding joy and finding #God in the most #serene places. I never thought I”d ever say this, but thanks Oklahoma for that well earned , well deserved life lesson. #lifelessons #walkinthewoods #100meaningfulmoments #peacefilledlife #peacebestill

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